The Top 10 Pickup Guide That Will Help You Become Better At Casual One Night Stand


“Be the player”

Picking up women that you find attractive for a one night stand can be fun and exciting but it isn’t always easy. For one thing they have to be attracted to you, they have to enjoy your personality to a degree and they need to know that when you do take them home, it’s only about the sex. That is the most important rule of booty call dating. You can learn more about it, here: This site contains all the reviews & strategies to help you score a one night stand. You should know that picking up women takes practice and following a one night stand guide should help you in your dating endeavors.

Targeting the right women


“Locate and target the right woman to take home”

When you go somewhere to pick up women for one night stands, you need to choose the right location. You’re not going to find somebody who is up for it at the theater or in a posh cocktail bar. Your best bet is to hit a less than perfect bar or club. I know this sounds stereotypical but hit on girls who look like a ‘one night stand’ would be their kind of thing. You’ll know this by the way they dress or the way they behave. Women expose flesh to make men notice them and want them.

Approach with lightheartedness

Since you’re picking up the woman for no strings sex only, she doesn’t want to know your life story and you don’t need to know hers. Keep the conversation very lighthearted, fun and very “in the moment”. Crack stupid jokes to get her giggling and compliment her on her appearance, but not too much. Approach her with confidence; women love men who are confident – if you walk over very timid you’re not going to stand a chance. Let her do the talking for the most part, the females of our species love to chat and they love it when we listen. Buy her drinks, we’re not talking getting her totally hammered here but women who have had a drink or two lower their inhibitions and are also much easier to talk to. Don’t come across to keen or clingy, men who are aloof are much more attractive to women. Without coming across as arrogant, subtly let her know that you have your pick of the women and she should feel honored that you have chosen her.

It’s all in the body languages


“Notice the way she leans forward in your conversation”

When you have some good conversation going with the woman, start to make things a little more obvious about what you are interested in. If you chat with her for too long without making a move, she is going to start thinking of you as a friend or even a possible partner – and you don’t want that! Start this off with gentle touches on the arm or back when you speak to her. Let the eye contact last a little longer than usual and subtly look her up and down. Trust me, she will notice this! Move on to other words, ask her where she’s going after she leaves the bar and finish it off with asking her if you can come home with her. Picking her home for the one night stand is your best option because it makes for an easy getaway in the morning and avoids any awkward conversation. If you take her to your house, you might end up encouraging a scary stalker experience where she won’t leave you alone.

Reading books on the topic


“Back to studies”

If you really want to become a one night stand guru then my one night stand guide has only given you the basics so have a look at some great books that are currently on the market regarding the topic. A particularly useful book is called The Game: Penetrating the Society of Pickup Artists. This tells the story of a man who once repelled women, detailing how he turned the situation around and is now an amazing pickup artist. Learn all about his techniques on how he charms women into bed and you can become just like him. The author of this one is Neil Strauss, who also wrote Rules of the Game, which is another very interesting read on the subject and very popular. Dag Albright wrote a book simply titled How to Meet and Pick up Women, which is easy to understand with a little humor which makes for a must read to all you horny men out there. There are many books out there so please don’t confine yourself to these three, do a little research and prepare to become a chick magnet.

Take rejection with a pinch of salt

If you get brushed off and it is made very clear that you won’t be getting any of her, there are usually a number of reasons for this. This could include the fact that you targeted the wrong woman. Maybe she’s taken or simply not the kind of girl who appreciates flirting and sex with a nameless stranger. It could be that she doesn’t find you attractive which is fine. With plenty of practice in the art of flirting and picking up women, no-one will be safe from you. If you get rejected, don’t let it bother you – just walk away and move onto the next one.

Sealing the deal

So now it’s time to actually leave the bar and get down to business. Like I said previously, I do recommend going to her place but if that is not possible you have got other options. You could go to a hotel but that might be money wasted if all you are after is a quickie. You could go to your place but try and work out if she is a bunny boiler or not before you opt for that choice. If you’re a little adventurous and a sexy outdoor encounter appeals to you, you could even get your kicks in a public toilet or down in an alley. Whichever you decide on, a night of fun with a hot stranger is guaranteed. Make sure you use protection, if she’s willing to have a one night stand with you, who knows how many other sexual partners she has had? Stay away from your standard post coital embrace; this could give her the wrong idea about your intentions.

The morning after


“Don’t forget the rules of the Morning after”

Maybe you didn’t even stay the night but if you did, there are some rules that you should abide by. For one thing, if you wake up and she isn’t as hot as you remember that’s okay, we always get hit with the beer goggle syndrome from time to time. Try and be as polite as possible without coming across that you want more from the situation. Don’t give her your number but if she offers her, politely accept. If she tries to make plans with you, brush her off and tell her that you are busy. Make sure that you have all your belongings and get out of there as quickly as you can.

Picking up girls for one night stands is easy if you know what you are doing. If she falls hook, line and sinker for your charm, humor and confidence she will be putty in your hands and you will be back to her place in no time. I hope that this one night stand guide will help you get lucky and get laid.

Facebook Versus Twitter: Who Will Win The Social Wars?

Millions of people across the globe are so much in to social networking nowadays and Facebook and Twitter are amongst the leading sites. There are those who opted to use Facebook over Twitter and vice versa. They each have their own reasons for using such social network. Which of the two social networking sites has the greatest number of users? Who really rules in the social network- Facebook or Twitter? And so the social wars begin.

Some people prefer to use Facebook because of its capacity to build bridges between people such as family and friends who are estranged from each other. Thus, Facebook dishes up on fostering one’s interpersonal relationship through chats, photos and status posts. In 2010, Facebook had trounced Google as the most visited site, according to Hitwise. Facebook has earned 7.07% from the total number of internet users in the USA alone while Google only has 7.03%. For people who prefer to enhance personal contact, then Facebook would be the perfect option since one can make their accounts solely accessible to friends and acquaintances. This is also the social network with the greatest number of users. Almost all the people you know have their Facebook accounts unless they are privacy freaks. However, if you want your account to stay active, keep posting messages, pictures, links and other stuff also to prevent it from having virtual suicide.

Computational Modeling of Spatio-temporal Social Networks: A Time-Aggregated Graph Approach,

Computational Modeling of Spatio-temporal Social Networks: A Time-Aggregated Graph Approach,

However, Facebook has become quite overused and some people got bored and made them turn to Twitter has earned so many users recently making them leap 414 notches up. This is quite an achievement for Twitter. Twitter also lets you keep in touch with almost everyone, even those people you’re not personally acquainted with, like the celebrities and other iconic personalities. Barack Obama and majority of the Hollywood stars each has their own Twitter accounts so don’t be surprised if you’ll see Paris Hilton’s message on your newsfeed talking about her latest fashion purchase. Twitter also lets you post short messages of up to 140 characters only, which makes it a concise social media unlike Facebook which allows over 60,000 characters. Back in the day (circa 2007), Twitter posted only 5,000 messages each day. 2009 gave a big break for Twitter during which 2.5 million messages were posted at the start of the day and ends with a hefty 35 million messages. This is about 1400% increase in Twitter use.

Facebook has crossed the line from social network to ad platform

Facebook has crossed the line from social network to ad platform

Both Facebook and Twitter have their own boons and banes. Facebook, for example, lets you personally stay in touch with your loved ones. However, Twitter could also do the same and with conciseness and real-time update on your newsfeed which Facebook fails to do. Now, this makes Twitter a major rival for Facebook despite the latter 800 million user gap. Who do you think would win in this social war? Let’s find out. 

Top Three Date Ideas In San Francisco

There’s really a good reason why Frank Sinatra sang, “I Left My Heart in San Francisco” because there is truly love found in San Francisco. Considered as city of romance, San Francisco is the ideal place for couples and if you’re searching for a great date idea in San Francisco then this article will help you!

Here are three great date ideas in San Francisco:

1. Walk along the shores of Crissy Field.

You might think that a walk on the beach is a typical date idea but many girls still find the traditional very romantic.

Crissy Field’s coastline is one of San Francisco’s most loved promenades. Imagine the feeling of sand beneath your feet. The two of you walk arm-in arm while you enjoy the view of the bridge and the bay. There’s more to see in Crissy Field. You can see wildflowers or birds around the marsh. You can also see sailboats in the bay.

If the wind gets breezy, the two of you can stop into the Warming Hut Cafe. It’s located at the west end of Crissy Field and you can stop by for delicious snacks.

The first date ideas on this list provide the right balance of conversation and pleasant distraction. Just recognize that not every first date idea will work for every type of girl

The first date ideas on this list provide the right balance of conversation and pleasant distraction. Just recognize that not every first date idea will work for every type of girl

2. Explore the Chinese Culture

San Francisco is famous for its Chinatown and it’s a busy area but it still has room for couples how want to experience a different culture right in their hometown! If you have a date that’s daring and ready to taste what life has to offer, then take her to a date in Chinatown.

Couples can meditate in the Buddhist temples and both of you can just sit there, rest and meditate. What a great way to clear all your thoughts from all the date jitters! Ask your date to try a fruit she has never eaten before. The fresh produce markets has an array of fruits that you can simply eat right there! Try any fruit and let the taste explode in your mouth. You can learn more about each other as you try and test new things!

3. Take an Adventure

If you’ve watched the animation, UP, you will certainly love the old couple’s story. “Adventure is out there!” This was one of the famous lines in the movie and it does prove that couples do need to have adventures in their life to keep the love burning. Whether it will be climbing the highest peak or maybe adventures in building a beautiful life together, couples do need to experience excitement in their life.

Although every woman loves a romantic candlelit dinner or a trip to a vineyard, you don’t have to be extravagant in order to bring a little more romance into the relationship

Although every woman loves a romantic candlelit dinner or a trip to a vineyard, you don’t have to be extravagant in order to bring a little more romance into the relationship

In San Francisco, couples can take an All San Francisco Tour aerial adventure and dinner cruise. This adventure tour will take you to a one-of-a-kind view of the city. You’ll get on board a helicopter and soar over the San Francisco Bay Area. You will then see the skyline and Alcatraz. After the a real adventure, couples can then have a luxurious yacht ride and dinner.

Use these date ideas and have a great time in your date!

3 Tips on How to Run Faster and Farther

Learning how to run faster and farther means you are already running fast and far. Even by your standard alone, improving yourself is what you want to accomplish. Whether you are running for a sprint or a marathon, being able to run the distance before improving on your speed, should be accomplished. Being able to run faster than anyone is of no use if you cannot even reach the finish line. Accomplish the distance then work on your speed.

It is also highly recommended that you start with a right footing. Proper form affects your ability to run fast and far. Improper form will only wear you down sooner than later. It will only hinder your improvement. Make sure your upper body is straight but relaxed, hitting the ground with your mid-foot under your hip, rolling towards your toes, with your elbows at 90-degree angles swinging low, forward and back, with fingers relaxed, almost in a fist form.

1. Increase your turnover

Knowing your turnover means making a record of your accomplishments. Count the steps that you make in a minute. Keep your feet as close to the ground as possible and make short and speedy steps. Have someone clock your effort so you can start right away as the timer says “go” and you can end your count as the timer says “stop”. Count the times your right foot hits the ground, and multiply by two. The total count is your cadence. Most efficient runners do a cadence of around 180 spm (steps per minute). Knowing your cadence, you will have a starting point to base your improvement on. Make an effort to beat your previous cadence. Maintaining that record for the distance you are targeting to run will give you a rough estimate how fast you can finish.

To run well you need good posture and there are some basic tips - look up, don’t over stride, let your arms relax at 90 degrees - that will help you run with good form and be a faster, fluent, more economical runner

To run well you need good posture and there are some basic tips – look up, don’t over stride, let your arms relax at 90 degrees – that will help you run with good form and be a faster, fluent, more economical runner

2. Lose weight

If you still have fats to lose, not muscle, shedding them off will make you be able to run faster. On average, a pound lost equals a gain of 2 seconds per mile faster. You must consult a physician first before undergoing a weight-loss program. Too much loss may leave you underweight which is not healthy at all. Running on minimal weight like wearing light-weight shoes and apparel will help to lessen the load that you carry. The lesser your load, the lighter you become, the faster you can run. Is a belt bag necessary? If you can run without it, do not wear it.

Whether you are running a trail or sprinting down the track, lifting your knees high enables you to take more advantage of forward momentum

Whether you are running a trail or sprinting down the track, lifting your knees high enables you to take more advantage of forward momentum

3. Get enough sleep and rest

It is only through sleep that your body will have the chance to repair itself. Having 7-9 hours of sleep everyday will give you the energy to run better the next day. Have a day off for complete rest also. If you run everyday, leave one day off to be ready for the following week. Overdoing your training will defeat your purpose of running faster and farther.

Why European Public Companies That Are Good Investments

The main objective of the European Company legislation is the make the laws easier for the small and the medium size industrial units known as the SME. The main objective of the legislation was to reduce the administrative burden and the bureaucratic burden of the small and medium industries and also to assess whether the laws are adequate to protect the industries.

According to the experts they suggest that one should not take into stride by the present economic condition both in the United States and other countries. According to some of the top investment strategists during their presentation in New York mentioned that the earning in the corporation is on an increasing trend and there are high chances of huge investment in the coming times.

There are many cash rich companies which are excellent for investment. 3 European public companies that are good investments are mentioned as below:

Technology sector

The technology sector has been defined as the new defensive sector. This sector has free cash flow margins which of about 20 per cent as of today when compared to 5 per cent in the year 2001. The technology sector sees frequent revolution in their products; the products also get obsolete very fast. But still there are some products which are in high demand by the consumers. In the technology industry the names which are best for investment are Apple – which has been releasing the latest iPhones, smart phones, and tablets.

Apart from Apple other blooming technological sector companies are Samsung, SONY and other such are good for investment as well. IT sector too comes under technological sector investment. If you are planning to invest in the technological sector IT companies can also be a very good option. Technological sector is one of the best options investments wisely only because technology continues to improve therefore the chances for benefits are more than that of loss.

Making money and good investments concept

Making money and good investments concept

Market investment

As Europe is one of the greatest public markets on the globe, there are great investment options available. With an availability of the online electronic form of trading, one can invest in the equity market, trade different country currencies, invest in precious metals and other such investment options are wide open. The reason why it is one of the best available public investment options is because one can easily manage different stocks with great money flexibility. By flexibility we mean one can easily invest or cash out money from stock market easily.

Las Vegas Real Estate - Invest In Your Future In Las Vegas!

Las Vegas Real Estate – Invest In Your Future In Las Vegas!

Telecom sector

Telecom sector is open for investment as one of 3 European public companies that are good investments. With the availability of tons of telecom sector companies in the market, the competition has gone up tremendously so are the investment opportunities. As telecom companies are not completely owned by one particular owner, therefore shares of the company are made available in public as an investment option. On buying one of the particular company shares of telecom sector if the company is in profit one receives the part of profit dividend.

Moreover, the initial investment remains the same only profit on investment continues to increase. The amount of profit depends on the company’s performance in the market.

3 Things To Consider Before Starting A Business

As one prepares to set up a new business, he is required to do a lot of. Apart from gathering capital, there are other things one needs to ensure that they are in place. Some of these things are important than others. The important ones or rather the crucial ones need to be looked into before beginning the business and the rest can come later when the business is already on its feet. Here are the 3 things you need to know before starting your business.

The first thing is to do a thorough research about the market you are intending to supply your goods. Know the specific people you can to serve. Their age, sex, religion, taste and preferences, income level and how they would wish to access your goods. This enables one as a business entrepreneur to know what kind of product he should manufacture, packaging, and pricing. It generally helps an entrepreneur establish how he is going to tailor his goods to meet his customers’ tastes and preferences. For example, if he is intending to open a butchery, this research will enable him to know whether the surrounding community eats meat or not. Apparently, some religions do not take meat. It will be a waste of time and resource if a business person opens butchery in that area.



Secondly, an entrepreneur needs to study his competitors. This will enable him find a gap in the market and this will enable him to come up with business ides to fill that gap. There are things that your competitors are not doing to their customers for example their prices for the goods or services, quality, quantity and ability to meet market demand. A business person also needs to find out how his competitors relate with their clients. This will enable him come up with new ways of doing things. In a salon business for example, your competitors might not be offering styling services, or facials, manicures and pedicures. This will be an opportunity for an individual wishing to open a salon in that area to come up with unique styling which he can only do and no one else can do the same in other salon. This will be a way of pulling customers.

Top  Myths of Starting a Business

Top Myths of Starting a Business

The next thing is to gather all the information you have got from the above researches and use it to come up with unique products or services. You should take this as a weakness in the market and use it as strength for business. An entrepreneur should therefore come up with exclusive products or services which if not totally different from other competitors; they should be slightly unique from the rest. He should make his products more desirable than what his competitors are offering. An entrepreneur should make his products addictive to his customers and they will always keep coming back for more.

Of the various things you need to consider before starting your business, these are the crucial ones. Once you have settled these three things, then the rest will come later.